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First Session

The Windblade and the Princess of Eindon

The party sets sail…

From the Faewild of the forgotten realms, the wood elf druid Nimriel and the moon elf wizard Zagros find themselves awakening in a strange land. Lost in an unfamiliar wilderness foreign from the Faerunian forests Nimriel called home, they came across a similar lost soul. Frederick, a human fighter from the frosty land of Sossal.

Together, these three found their way into a city, and in discussing their situation met the halfling rogue Corkle, who took an interest in their talk of alternate worlds. He convinced them to join him in traveling to the city of Juuda, where the various magic users could potentially give them some indication of how to return to their home. In return, Corkle asked only for knowledge to contribute to his faction, the Order of the Monolith.

Together, the party traveled aboard the Windblade, an ex-warship captained by a dwarf named Rinan. They traded tales with Rinan, telling the captain of their world and learning a bit of the history of their destination.

Trouble struck shortly after spotting Avas, as they discovered a royal elven ship from Eindon under attack from pirates. Rushing to action, the party was able to repel the pirates from an ongoing attack, and continued underboard to fight off the rest of the pirates while Rinan took the Windblade in pursuit of the rest of the fleeing pirates.

The party had a tense encounter with the likes of the Pirate Captain, who held a group of elven civilians hostage. They learned he was deadly serious when he slew a hostage from one of Corkle’s movements.

Frederick challenged the captain on his honor to a duel, playing to the ego of the captain to prove his might. They two squared off, Frederick’s greatsword clashing again and again with the captains cutlass, narrowly avoiding being struck by the captains deadly blows. With his own strength and martial prowess, Frederick was somehow able to best the pirate captain, who surrendered with his men.

Just as the fight was ended and the day saved, the door to the Princesses quarters opened, and the party witnessed a vision. Great Hobgoblin hordes marched from the wild-lands, many human cities and lives fell in their wake, and a great army marched to meet them – an army led by a boy with piercing green eyes.

NPCs and Locations

Captain Rinan
The Windblade
Keyeth Arakiir



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