Skype Adventures

Fourth Session

Juuda, and the Giant Ruin

Waiting a day for Zobbathow to gather his things, the party gets their first good look around Juuda.

Their first destination is the Library of Bratoro, a public library just outside of the academy that compiles general knowledge for the public. On the way there, Frederick found and pocketed a mysterious coin sized silver skull…

At the library, the party gathered some knowledge while Zagros went off to petition the academy for magical knowledge. There, he met Mintarn, a slow speaking old Wizard, who arranged for Zagros to learn the magic missile spell, and made a note to the academy council on his otherworldly origin.

From there, the party travelled on to the house of Xavier, a local member of the order of the monolith. He turns in his surviving books as well as the books damaged by water in the bullywug cave. He also tells Xavier of his quest to bring the party back to headquarters.

The party then made for the marketplace, trying to find armor and weapons. There, they encountered a man selling “magical rocks”, including one that seemed a genuine magical item. The party found themselves too low in funds to purchase it, but Frederick bought one of the painted stones out of pity. After a bit of being directed around, they found themselves in Jade Arms talking to the gruff Dwarven owner Dalthrum. She makes business with the party, and even manages to convince Frederick to purchase an adamantium-reinforced maul from her.

With the bustle of the city driving Nimriel to near insanity, she stumbled upon a garden. In the garden center, a Half-Elf monk known as Jeke meditated. NImriel and Jeke spoke, and the two grew friendly as they discussed the nature of a city. Jeke promised to Nimriel to help her find new friends in the mysterious new city, and to learn to harbor her inner power.

With the day done, the party rested, and woke in the morning for a meeting with Zobbathow. They established ground rules, and set off to meet with his associate. In a small farming hamlet near the mountaints, the party met Zallania, Zobbathow’s former student and current partner in artifact recovery. Zallania leads the party to an ancient Giant fort, surrounded by bones and corpses of forest animals.

The party explores the ruins, and discovers it to be the new lair of an owlbear. After a tense fight that brought Nimriel to the brink of death, they slew the beast, and set about trying to recover the collection of magical battle attire the Giants left behind. In the process, they managed to fight another owlbear, the former’s mate returning from the hunt.

In the process of recovering the artifacts, Corkle touched a sword, and learned the effects of Giant enchantment’s magical decay. He became a beacon of restlessness, preventing people around him from getting proper sleep, or recovering naturally from wounds. However, he also did gain some skill in athletics, as well as some magical ability to enhance his speed. The attunement ended up being too harmful to maintain, and so the party brought Zobbathow back to the hamlet to have him remove the curse.

Thus freed from harmful magical effects, and rewarded with the whispering hunger-inducing bag of holding collected from the Giant’s fort, the party makes a return to Juuda to look for further adventure…



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