Skype Adventures

Second Session

Arrival in Juuda

The Party sets out…

The party gets a proper conversation with Keyeth, thirdborn to the throne of Eindon. She thanks them for their service to her people, gifting Nimriel with herbs proper to make healing poutlices, Zagros with magical knowledge, Frederick with an ornate longbow, and Corkle with an interview and a tome of Eindonian history. She shares some information with the party, such as her quest to discover the meaning behind her visions and her surprise that the party shared in her divination. She then offers to pay for the adventurers stay in Juuda for a time.

After a few more days traveling along the coast, the party finally find themselves in Juuda. They join Keyeth in checking into the Glitterbass inn, a fancy inn converted from a warehouse in the dock district. The party make their first ventures into the city, shopping a bit and meeting Zobbathow Poodink, the esteemed gnome professor. He offers them work in clearing out Giant ruins and recovering artifacts for him in the future.

The party is relieved to find the Windblade returned to port, though they are concerned when Rinan reports that the pirate ship had struck rock and sunk, and displeased to discover that strange amphibion creatures had stolen aboard and pilfered Corkle’s left behind books.

Hoping to uncover answers among the wreckage of the ship, the party set out along the coast to find the pirate’s crashed ship. Upon coming to the site, they discovered that strange grey frog-people known as bullywugs had been lugging crates away from the crash site. Slaughtering the evil beings on the beach, they proceeded to follow the trail of froggy footprints.

They scuffled and ambushed a few similar groups, culminating in an ambush on a large group of bullywugs led by fishlike humanoids with a vicious mouth full of shark teeth – Sahuagin. The party is able to slaughter all but one of the group, with Zagros spinning a heavy enchantment that keeps the lone surviving bullywug charmed, dazed, and unable to move as the rest of the party surrounds him…

NPCs and Locations

The Glitterbass Inn



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