Skype Adventures

Third Session

Shipwreck Cove and the Bullywug King

With Zagros continuing to placate the mind of the enchanted bullywug, the party are able to interrogate him. They learn through his broken common that the bullywugs had been carrying items from the shipwreck back to the cave of the Bullywug king, BbbbbungBONKuhbung, otherwise known as King BungBung to those of smaller mouth and shorter tongue.

With some ‘encouragement’ from Frederick, the bullywug prisoner known as Bomblebung led the party on the path towards the cave, able to guide through the salt-marsh of the area with ease. They party had a few more encounters and scuffles with the Bullywugs, including an ambush by the wugs and their giant frog hunting partners.

They arrived and were able to enter the Bullywug king’s hidden cave after some misadventures that left half of Corkle’s held books as worthless and waterlogged.

Exploring the cave, they eventually stumbled into the throne room of the self-proclaimed king of bullywugs, and were chased and combatted by BungBung’s guards. Defeating the guards soundly, the party returned to the throne room to find the king atop a massive frog mount and flanked by angry sahuagin. The party was able to kill the king, his mount, and his colleagues.

Looting the crates that the bullywug king used as a throne, the party recovered many of the elven treasures lost in the attack, as well as some additional loot from other crashes and of course Corkle’s books.

They party also managed to save an Aquatic elf, Charkin, that was held as a prisoner of the bullywugs. Charkin told the party of his capture by the bullywugs, his careful survival negotiated by inflating the ego of the bullywug king by wallowing, and his timely rescue as the king threatened to give Charkin up to the sahuagin partners that he traded shipwreck goods to. He returned to the ocean with a hearty thank you to the party.

The party returned to Juuda and the Glitterbass inn, where they celebrated their success, distributed loot, and considered their next moves…

NPCs and Locations

King BungBung- (deceased)



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