Juuda: The City of Runes

Places of Interest


Juuda originated as a Dwarven City, mostly consisting of a few stone buildings not far from where the Trickling River fed out into the ocean. It grew steadily as more dwarves began to venture from their mountainside homes. They produced fledgeling docks as they tried their hands at fishing and

The major growth of the city didn’t begin until an alliance was made between the Human kingdom of Gallade. Humans swept into the city in droves, quickly expanding the docks and inhabiting much of the city. Within a few decades Humans outnumbered Dwarves in the city, and the coastal fleet brought in the goods and peoples of outside lands.

The true shape of the city began to change with it’s hostile takeover. The monstrous red dragon Grathanduur took control of the city, using his monstrous goblinoid allys to slay the soldiers and heroes that resided in the city. He declared himself the king of the city, holding it hostage for payments of tribute from the rest of the country.

His rule lasted a good 30 years. It came to an end with a desperate ploy. A diviner Wizard known as Bratoro taught 25 of the townsmen to cast arcanely, hiding from the eyes of the inhabiting goblins. On a day of delivered tribute, these 25 hidden wizards were able to spring a surprise attack that slew Grathanduur with one arcane barrage. With the dragon gone, the wizards and the rest of the city people were able to overthrow their rulers and rejoin the nation.

Out of celebration for the grand magic that saved the city, an annual gathering known as the Festival of Wands draws arcane casters from across the lands in celebration of magic and the pursuit of further magical knowledge. With the joint contribution of this festival and the legacy of Bratoro, Juuda has become well known as a city of magical knowledge.

City Layout

The Rune Keep: The home of the ruling family.

Althai District: The walled off noble district surrounding the rune keep. This district is guarded by the Rune Knights: the elite guard of Juuda. The district is home to the Bratoro academy, as well as most of the noble and upper class citizens.

Docks: Consisting mostly of warehouses and older, stone buildings of dwarven design, the docks are busy with travellers from outside lands and fisherman that help feed much of the city.

Central Square: An open expanse in the center of town, it is flooded by street vendors peddling wares and the fresh catch of the day

Commons: The bulk of the city, the commons are the bread and butter buildings that make up most of the city.


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